[OMC-Boats] Reverse works great, but...

From: Micah Donahue <mdonahue@...>
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2008 08:27:36 -0400

...it's tough to pull a skier in that direction.

We had our '68 Sportsman 155 in the water yesterday for a sea trial.
Started and ran flawlessly, and shifted fine into reverse to back away
from the dock. But it wouldn't shift into forward gear.

We ruled out the console push-button switches by reversing the 2 wires
where they connect to the wires that go into the intermediate housing
of the outdrive. Then, as you'd expect, it shifted into reverse by
pushing the *forward* shift button. But from that point, we got
nowhere. We assume the problem is either:
a) a break in the "forward" wire somewhere in the run from engine
compartment to lower unit
b) bad shift solenoid (assuming that's what you'd call the part that
does the shifting)

Obviously, next step is to dive in w/ the manual and start looking for
wiring problems as the wiring goes from engine compartment to lower
unit. Then check the operation of the solenoid. As we do that, any
suggestions? Any "duhh" solutions we're missing? Thanks in advance.

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