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Thanks again for the comments. The Seloc manual had a flow chart that was
very easy to follow for diagnostic purposes. The first check was for the
solenoid (starter relay). It said to bridge the cable from the battery to
the ignition wire. When I did, the motor cranked. Therefore, I have a bad
solenoid. I happened to have my camera with me, so I stuck it in and took a
few pictures of hard to see areas. Here's the starter motor with relay on
top. Time to look for the part. Do you have any comments on the motor?
Judging from the Williamsburg, MI (where I boated when I was a kid [Elk
Lake, MI]) shop sticker on it, it's either been worked on or replaced.


On another note, I had never been able to find my serial number before. I
had my shoulders and head in the engine compartment, looked up, and there it
was. I snapped a picture for my records. I recall someone on this site had
compiled a list of boats still alive and kicking. If that list is still
being updated, here’s mine.





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If I had to take a guess, based on an identical symptom that I had a couple

years back (also on the launch ramp -- as opposed to out on the Lake) --

my bet's on the starter motor. It could also be be solenoid on the starter

or it could also be the remote (slave) starter relay. Thar last relay is, I

believe, interchangeable with the tilt-up and tilt-down relays.


On the starter motor, the originals use the GM Delco 10MT (long/short

mounting bolts) Marine-rated starter which is a 20+ pound hulk of a beast.

They have enough mass to crankover forever without over heating. You can and

probably should get the newer style GM permanent magnet gear reduction

(PMGR) Marine starters. These have higher torque and weigh-in at less than

half the mass. These are readily available from numerous suppliers. Try: They run

about a $115, brand new. Be sure and get it complete with the long/short

mounting bolt kits, as the old bolts will not work. Another double-check is

to insure your Buick V6 uses the pre-86 starter mounting bolt pattern. The

mounting holes on the motors are not staggered, as were later GM enginges.

You could have the old 10MT-beast rebuilt, but in my opinion. it's best

suited to bench pressing in the weight room. Why carry all the weight



I would first make sure the remote (slave) starter relay is not suspect.

That relay runs about $35.00 and it is a good spare to always carry onboard

since the boat uses three of them. The new starter will come complete with

the integral solenoid. I would hate to see you swap the starter and not

check everything else: 1) Battery, 2) cables, 3) control wires from switch,

4) remote relay, and 5) finally the starter. (Oh yeah, And don't forget to

check those Prestolite alternator brushes, while your into the electrical



Anyways look at the bright side --- be glad it happened on the launch ramp

and not in harms way!


Lee Shuster

Salt Lake



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>I de-winterized my '69 Sportsman 155 two weeks ago in my driveway. It

> started right up and ran nicely with the flush adapter attached. I backed

> it down the ramp yesterday and turned the key --- nothing. We'll almost

> nothing. All I heard was a single click each time the key turned. It's

> not

> the battery. It's brand new and everything else electrical is strong.

> I'm

> pretty good at fixing things -- if I know what to fix. Diagnosing

> problems

> are little more difficult for me. Suggestions on how to proceed (other

> than

> taking it to a shop), would be appreciated. Thanks.


> Gregory B. Fell


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