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Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 10:39:21 -0600

I've got a '67 Reveler with the 155 Hp and have 14x16, 18, and 21 props for
it. The 18 definitely gives the best overall performance and I normally run
about 32 mph max. My boat also has more to give, but I'm not willing to
push a 40-year old engine.

Our 14x21 came from our 14x20. Many years ago, my *older* (and
theoretically wiser, right?!) brother figured if the 20 was fast, a 22 would
be faster so he had the 20 repitched. Unfortunately, he learned the 22
ended up acting like a governor and limitedengine revs to about 3500 rpm.
What I learned is that it is much easier to have a prop modified up in pitch
than down. I was able to get it cut back somewhat, but not all the way back
to a 20 and only picked up maybe 100 rpm. If your spare 18 is pretty banged
up, you might try having it rebuilt as a 19 or 20, but definitely don't go
beyond 20.

Rebuilding the props is typically done by a specialty shop and you're best
off if you can find a shop in your area that does the work themselves. Most
marinas, boat dealers, etc. will take your prop and have it fixed, but they
typically send it out for repair. It's been about 5 years since I've had
any work done, but the local boat dealer wanted $75 to send out a simple
repair job. I managed to find the shop they send to, took the props there
myself and got to talk to the actual person doing the work who obviously was
much more knowledgable than the store sending the work out. And going
direct to the source cut the price to less than half -- $30. It just so
happens I brought 2 of my 4 props home for some rework so I need to go back
and visit this shop again, assuming it is still there. I will ask if he
takes mail orders then if you can't find a local shop, at least you'll have
one reliable source. Btw, the reason I brought 2 props home for repair is
my brother managed to ding the 14 x 18 the first time in service and I'm
planning to plead for another attempt to restore my 14 x 20. Apparently I
was blessed with an expensive brother!

Sorry, I can't offer any suggestions on thru-hull sealants. You might want
to try the Boat US website to see if they have any suggested practices there.

Andy Perakes
1967 Johnson Reveler

On Thu, 26 Oct 2006 22:50:33 -0700, Kenneth Fingerlos wrote
> Hello -
> I'm interested in some general info.... I've been working through a
> process of looking for the "right" prop for my 16' Seasport-II 155.
> With a 14x18 on it... it happily runs right up to the redline at
> just under 30 mph; it's got a lot more power to give, and I'm
> backing off the throttle to keep it where it belongs.
> I've been looking for the 14x20 .. or even the 14x19 SS prop. I've
> also got another 14x18 which came with the boat, but it's pretty
> beat up.
> Ok... now the question -
> 1.) Typically who does prop rebuilds? Is this something the typical
> marine machanic would do, or is it a specialty service? What does
> it usually cost?
> 2.) I've seen references to re-pitching props... How does that work,
> and how far can they go? Can a 14x16 be made into a 14x20? What's
> the downside?
> Unrelated question ... what's the best selant for bolts going
> through the hull below the water line? The silicone stuff I'm using
> seems like it's so thick it just gets pushed through the hole,
> and/or scraped off the fastener.
> Thanks for the info.
> Kenneth
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