[omc-boats] Prop Rebuild/re-pitch

From: Kenneth Fingerlos <kenf@...>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 22:50:33 -0700

Hello -

I'm interested in some general info.... I've been working through a process of looking for the "right" prop for my 16' Seasport-II 155.

With a 14x18 on it... it happily runs right up to the redline at just under 30 mph; it's got a lot more power to give, and I'm backing off the throttle to keep it where it belongs.

I've been looking for the 14x20 .. or even the 14x19 SS prop. I've also got another 14x18 which came with the boat, but it's pretty beat up.

Ok... now the question -

1.) Typically who does prop rebuilds? Is this something the typical marine machanic would do, or is it a specialty service? What does it usually cost?

2.) I've seen references to re-pitching props... How does that work, and how far can they go? Can a 14x16 be made into a 14x20? What's the downside?

Unrelated question ... what's the best selant for bolts going through the hull below the water line? The silicone stuff I'm using seems like it's so thick it just gets pushed through the hole, and/or scraped off the fastener.

Thanks for the info.


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