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Ya, but you can pull the steering wheel fairly easy and get some grease in
there without removing the shaft and cable drum. I pulled the whole thing
during my refit. I'm no expert on this topic just making suggestions to
rule out the cause of the difficult steering.

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Watching this thread (mine steers like a cow) and wondering --
Do you lube the drum at helm or just the shaft the drum spins on?
Could the cables slip if the drum were lubed?

By the way, I was at an old OMC dealer in Maine last weekend (buying
tilt relay) and he asked me 2 Qs -- "Have you replaced the outdrive
boot recently? Otherwise she'll sink!" And, "Do you keep the steering
lubed? That cable is hell to replace!" When we asked about latter, he
said he meant at outdrive where steering gear is. But I didn't think
to ask about at helm.


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> Good call. Never thought about lubrication>

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