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Yeah, forgot to mention...before all this fuel pump replacement - a new
tank, lines, and fuel/water separator was installed. So the whole
system was pretty much new and pristine except for the fuel pump. The
new fuel pump was installed just AFTER the FW separator (downsteam).
But something I have wondered.does the fuel water separator take the
place of a traditional fuel filter, or should I ALSO have a fuel filter
inline somewhere (another boat vs car thing I am not sure about)
Also - what is "sea foam"?
Ok - so I need about 4-7psi - Is that typically what most automotive
type fuel pumps do, or could I have accidentally gotten a pump that does
1psi, or 25psi or something? The pump I got is new, but has a
Mitsubishi symbol stamped on the side. Not the pump I was expecting,
and no literature included - but perhaps could work anyway. I bought on
ebay and am stuck with it. I would like to use it if possible, but if I
have to get something else I guess I have to. Just want to make sure I
get the right thing this time.
I will disconnect and see how the flow is - maybe that will tell me
Thanks! jeff
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First question - Did you put a new inline fuel filter in? remember these
old gas tanks build up a ton of sludge - the fuel pump, which I am
assuming is electric, should pump between four and seven pounds - and
the pulsing is normal - I suggest you change (or install) the fuel
filter, before the fuel pump, then with the line unhooked run the pump
to see if the flow is good as crap may have plugged it up - put SeaFoam
in the gas tank and have an extra fuel filter available as I will bet
the new one will plug up fast. Dave

jdood wrote:

I have a Johnson deluxe with the 155hp Buick v-6 engine. Just to get
things completely dialed in, I have been gradually replacing the "bolt
on" engine stuff over the past few weekends. Starter last week. Fuel
pump was this week's part. Ran great last weekend when I had it out,
except that when it gets hot it won't restart (has been a problem for
awhile). So in an effort to work towards solving that problem, (and
just because I thought it would be a good idea), I replaced the 40 yr
old existing fuel pump with a new one, and relocated it outside the
engine compartment just to keep it as cool as possible. The previous FP
seemed to work ok, however it had a copper line running right across the
hottest parts of the engine to the carb. So I put in my new fuel
pump, one that was supposedly "universal", took it out tonight for a
spin. Started up ok. idled ok. cruised slowing away from the ramp
ok. But when the throttle gets to about 1/3 throttle it just bogs down
and doesn't rev any higher. So being that it accelerated just fine
before I swapped the FP, it's easy to see that the new FP isn't doing
what it should. I noticed the fuel lines kind of pulsing too, like it
wasn't really smoothly getting fuel through the lines. So is this just
a matter of fuel pump that is too weak? Too strong? Are there big
differences between FP's? Is there some specific gallons per minute
spec I should be following? Can anyone suggest a specific fuel pump
out there I should use to replace my 40 yr old one? Thanks - I am a
fuel pump novice and need help!

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