[omc-boats] 67 Playmate w/ trailer FREE to good home...

From: Tom Kennedy <tomk@...>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 19:06:42 -0500

Or to somebody who has the time to strip it for parts or whatever.
Actually, I'll give it to whoever wants to come get it first.

The boat is a 67 Evinrude Playmate with the 90hp v4. Engine and drive
appear complete. Rest of the boat is all there I think except for the
vinyl top. The interior is in kinda sad shape, but those are mostly
cosmetic things I guess...replacement seats and carpet would make it
livable again in that department. Deck seems solid. It has obviously
been outdoors for a long time.

Engine/drive look complete (to my untrained eye) but are in unknown
condition...according to the PO, the engine ran but wouldn't stay
running and seemed to think it was the fuel pump. He claims the drive
shifted into gear and he also claimed the tilt worked. I've never tried
any of those items. Steering wheel turns the drive, so that works.

Hull floats (again according to PO...I've never had it in the water) and
doesn't have any significant damage, although it does have some spider
cracks in the gel coat. Paint is faded but intact.

Trailer is in OK shape...I think it could use tires and likely bearings,
but it is towable. It's not original. The trailer is unregistered and I
don't have any paperwork for it, but you could almost certainly get it
registered as a homebuilt, or it's probably worth something as scrap if
nothing else.

I got the boat for almost free last winter and maybe got to spend 10
minutes with it since then, so I don't know much about it besides what I
can see and what the PO told me. It's stored at my dad's house in St.
Paul, MN, and I've got to get it out of there pretty soon. I got a much
more realistic project and now I've just got to get rid of this thing.
For somebody who has the time to part it out, you could probably make a
few bucks off the drive and engine parts, or with some TLC it could be
seaworthy again. Oh yeah, I also have an original Evinrude parts manual
to go with it.

If there is any interest, I'll put some pics up...contact me on-list or
via private email at tomk@... I'd like to see it go to
somebody on the list because you guys have been so helpful to me, but if
nobody is interested, I'll probably put it on craigslist in a couple weeks.

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