[omc-boats] Tuning engine out of the water?

From: Tom Kennedy <tomk@...>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 22:07:39 -0500

OK I've got another question...when I bought my boat (68 Sportsman 155),
it had been sitting for a number of years outside without being prepared
for storage. To make a long story short, I'm rebuilding the carb among
a bunch of other things. I don't have access to water where I can
tinker with the engine for an extended period (public access nearby is
all). SO is there any safe way I can run the engine/drive out of the
water while I tune/time it? There is no garden hose adapter (can this
be purchased and fitted?) and the universal earmuff-style garden hose
adapters don't work on these things.

What to other landlocked owners do when they need to run the engine for
repairs? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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