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Several years ago I did a post on redoing my floor on my 69 Rogue. The foam is closed cell and water gets in and can't really get out without getting it to the air which means pulling up the floor. The floor is plywood over foam and then glassed over. I would do the work in the winter when you have time and not wanting to boat. If you are not boating then do it now. I would check for wood rot in the floor. I basically pulled up the floor carefully making measurements and rebuilt in reverse order using similar dimensions. It is really only plywood and fiberglass. The foam is 2 part liquid when combined immediately expanding to foam. I can give more details if you like. You must remove as much of the waterlogged foam as you can. It even goes under the engine compartment so you will have to leave that portion. I cut the floor out at the edges leaving a small ledge to guide the level for the new floor. My plywood flooring was rotted and so was the front bilge to a moderate degree and I replaced it all. If you are not good with wood and tools then go buy a new boat or leave it for the next owner. You can redo the floor like new but it takes effort. I am very happy with mine now. The foam really comes out easy once the floor is up. There are 2 longitudinal stringers down the hull going into the engine flooring where the 4 engine mounts attach to. The stringers are plywood and laminated in fiberglass. I had mild rot in the front part of the stringers and cut out the rot and put in new wood and bonded with mending plates and fiberglass. It is stable once it is all foamed over and glassed. It is a lot of work and the boat is worth it but you need to be committed. Good luck and write if you need more advice or encouragement. Happy boating! Tom K..

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