Re: [omc-boats] Small Block Chevy V8's

From: David <odin@...>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 09:32:35 -0500

Hi Lee,
I would have to dig up the title for the year - but it was originally a
V4 2 cycle - I put a V6 in it back about 13 years ago - that V6 had the
old front motor mount, as I recall it had a few bolt holes for adjusting
the drive trim? and I put a large aluminum plate across the boat - 1/4"
thick 12" wide and bolted that to the floor then mounted the motor
mounts to it - it worked our very well - now with the V8, I intend to
pull the floor and glass in a structure to hold the newer aluminum floor
mount - I am assuming the engine with that mount will line up? since the
V6 with the old mount did? but guess I'll find out about that when I
work on it. Dave

lib1@... wrote:

> David,
> What year is your 17 Deluxe? What engine was in it originally? Just
> curious if it had the stern or floor mounts?
> Lee
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> I have a 307 from my Rogue - I pulled it and scraped the boat out
> - was a nice rig but I wanted the engine to put in my 17' Deluxe -
> it is in there now, but just sitting - not mounted etc. - no time
> - but it is a great engine - Rochester quad that sucks gas on the
> top end, but cruising was ok on gas. Dave
> lib1@... wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm curious if anyone on this list has experience running a Chevy
>> V8 with an OMC sterndrive?
>> The 307 or the later 305 or 350?
>> Lee Shuster

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