[omc-boats] outboard wiring connecter

From: Bill Desmond <nebdlo@...>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 10:27:42 -0700 (PDT)

This ?? is not for my rogue but for my 16' starcraft. I just replaced the old 55 hp with a newer 70 hp johnson VRO. The engine plug was cut and soldered on the old 55, so I need a engine connecter and connecters for the trim. I was told at dealership that I would need a whole new boat wiring harness. Im assuming i would need a harness from a newer boat that would match the mid 80's motor. I was thinking you could buy the plugs with some lenght pig tail and make connections in the boat somewhere. Figering some of you have upgraded from old 60's engines to newer ones, I thought maybe someone would have some insight on what I should be trying to do. Im sur I dont have the funds for a whole boat harness. Also if anyone knows if there is a standerd color coding to the omc's. Like so and so color is for trim up and red with this color stripe is for the starter solenoid. For now Im going to try to hot wire it just to hear it run, Im thinking just fire up the ignition
 circiut and jump the starter solenoid and it should fire up. Its mounted on the boat with main starter cable and ground only. So if anyone has any advice on what to do or not to do, it would be well appreiciated, I dont what to mess nothing up.

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