[omc-boats] refurb and parts - 65 playmate

From: jb <opti714@...>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 23:45:14 -0500

i joined the mailing list not long ago and have been reading and gather lots
of good info, thanks.
i have seen some reference to some restoration efforts. where do you get
i have a 65 playmate 90hp v4 2st. that i still try to use and maintain but
as you know at their age things break and need replaced. my local boat
dealer can get some parts but not others.
last year i took the outdrive apart for refurbishment an took as list of
parts to dealer and found some were unavailable. i specifically wanted to
replace the oil seals, orings, ? around the downshaft. i am getting water in
the oil. my fuel pump is also not functional, but unavailable. he wants $50
for starter brushes which seems awful high.
where is a good place to get parts? thanks.

what would you recommend i replace to seal the oil and stop the water from

bryan pownell
opti714 at hotmail.com
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