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Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 08:59:23 -0500

Tom, has lots of info most of it in PDF format. and both sell the system online around $200.00. Improves the feel of the steering immensely takes the play out of it. As far as steering like a barge I have nothing to compare to. The Rogue handles rough water extremely well. I've been on Lake Michigan under some pretty severe conditions with no problems.


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  Thanks for the input Glenn and Lee. Glenn, is the Teleflex Morse system the rack and pinion steering with the thru transom rod that connects to the stern drive? I see those on ebay often. I am wondering if the cable is already stainless and has a plastic coating. Anyway it seems to be fine now with the repairs. I put some triple lube on the bare area to keep down rust and chaffing. The big Rogue steers like a barge but thats OK - I am just comparing it to the Sportsman that we had when I was a kid and that boat was maybe a 16 or 17 ft V-6. It really handled quite well. The Rogue is a nice trade-off being a good ski and family boat and also good in choppy waters. Tom

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