Re: [omc-boats] Hearing from Former OMC'ers?

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Hi Dave,

It would be great hear more from former employees involved with the design, engineering, testing, manufacturing, marketing, selling and repairing of these boats? Maybe we could someday get organized enough to stage a regional or national meet? Any interest?

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  Which models are you referring to? I looked at the lower unit of my 1966 Rogue, with it tilted very far the water pickup wouldn't be in the water at all. The pickup is behind what the parts books are calling the rudder, also behind the exhaust. I believe this is the case with all pre 1972 units.

  Curious when did you work at OMC, I worked on the stern drive line in Waukegan 1984 & 85. My dad was plant super at the boat plant in Waukegan till it closed in 1970.

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    The cooling should not be effected - if overheating occurs it would be from a poor impeller or circulating pump not a raised sterndrive. Also, having worked for OMC Boats, testing boats in engineering, I can tell you it takes a very long time to wear out the knuckles. Running with the drive up is ok, but should be at idle speed or slightly above. Dave
    Glenn Halweg wrote:

      Another issue I haven't seen addressed while running engine while tilted is the lack of water circulation for cooling the engine.

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