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This picture shows off the last style (of three) rudder/exhaust/water intakes. Notice on Part 23 how the trailing exhaust edge is angled to exit downward into the prop wash, probably for a scavenging effect? Also note Part 24, which has (been reversed). The water enters a hole at the just ahead of the rudder at a higher point on the bottom of the cavitation plate. On the 64-70 models as supplied on our boats the water enters the leading edge of the rudder thru a screen, as shown here:

One would think the earlier style (lower) water pickup would be better for slow (below 1000 RPM) slightly lifted running.

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    The cooling should not be effected - if overheating occurs it would be from a poor impeller or circulating pump not a raised sterndrive. Also, having worked for OMC Boats, testing boats in engineering, I can tell you it takes a very long time to wear out the knuckles. Running with the drive up is ok, but should be at idle speed or slightly above. Dave
    Glenn Halweg wrote:

      Another issue I haven't seen addressed while running engine while tilted is the lack of water circulation for cooling the engine.

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