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Joe Sibilia:

I have a Sweet 16 that I have restored/repaired for the fourth and with
hope final time. I would be very much in showing the boat at the St.
Michaels show. I am also a member of the CB antique and classic boats.

If there is more interest to show, please include me.

David Avedesian
Silver Spring, MD
301 938 1811 cell

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According to the literature I have, the 16 foot hull weighs 810 lbs.
another 400 lbs or so for the motor, plus fuel, gear, and the trailer
weight, should give you a reasonable guess. May want to add 10% or 15%
the total for good measure.

I'm thinking this is finally the year for my Sweet 16 to make it in the
water...still lots of work to do. I believe I located a good vintage 75
for her thanks to some great folks from the Antique Outboard Club who
set up
a tent anually at the Antique and Classic Boat Festival in St. Michaels,
  If any of you attend this event e-mail me. Perhaps we can get an OMC
corral allocated to us.

Good luck with your projects, and good boating!


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