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Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 10:50:17 EST

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<< My fuel tank sits in the middle of the bow and would be a standard
square metal tank were it not for the flat in the front to allow it to contour to
the hull. It's in good shape on the outside, but given the amount of rust I
cleaned out of the fuel filter, I presume it has a fair bit of rust on the
inside >>

A neighbor of mine had a Seasport 155, 1969 model, and his boat would
take off, then quit like it was running out of fuel. He and another neighbor
replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter without curing the problem. He sold
the boat to another neighbor and I was asked to see if I could find the
problem. I hooked up a 6 gal outboard tank to the carburator and gravity
fed it and the boat ran fine. I backtracked to the fuel shutoff valve and
the intake line to be full of trash that came out of the tank. Cleaned the
and never had another fuel starvation problem with the boat. That was 25
years ago, so expect to find trash in the line from the tank trapped at the
shut off valve's input side.

Lee Hazen
Johnson Surfer
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