[omc-boats] ahoy mates!

From: Thomas Klauber <tklauber@...>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 22:27:09 -0500

Well the boats are up for the winter and it will soon be Christmas. Time to make out your Santa list of those special parts you are wishing for! ---No, it will not do much good cause Santa is long out of stock, but if it makes you feel good then why not. Lets see - for the 69 Rogue how bought a new rub rail with pristine white vinyl insert - yea the whole thing including caps, screws and nut thingies --- aaaaand a new vinyl top with stainless snaps, logos and all. And don't forget those original sculpted foam seats in perfect white. Thaaats all for this year. Heck, why should the kids have all the fun wishing from Santa! Hope everyone has a safe& happy holiday - Merry Christmas! TK
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