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Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 13:26:42 -0500

I've recently, reluctantly, had to scrap my Sweet 16. I did save the
windshield frame, and also the little castings
that go around the motor cutout. I'd be happy to give these to anyone who
would pay for shipping.

I have a friend who makes bronze marine hardware, and I had him cast me
some new cleats, using one of the originals as
a pattern. These cleats are about 2% smaller than the original, due to
shrinkage of the bronze, but you cetainly can't see
the difference. They need to be machined for the mounting screws. I paid
$240 for the six I have, so if anyone would
like these, make me an offer.

If there's enough interest, more of these could be made. I'm sure the price
would be higher, maybe $75-80 per cleat.
They could be nickel plated to hide the bronze color.

Finally, a friend of mine has a Lotus car and recently had a shop in
Bristol RI make him a new gas tank. This could be
an option if your tank is completely shot. I can find out more details if
anyone wants.

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