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From: David <odin@...>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 16:32:20 -0800

On my OMC boats, all I ever do is drain the block on both sides and pull
the water pump hose off the water pump - never have had a problem. . On
my V6 buicks, all I ever do is drain both sides of the block. In fact,
I have a 16' Johnson with the V6 as a dingy on my 65' houseboat - and
since I run the houseboat year round, all I do is drain the block - if I
use the Johnson in the winter, January - February etc. I usually don't
even close the drains - let the bilge pump take the hot water out. then
when I lift the boat back on the houseboat, I pull the boat drain plug -
let the water out, put it back in and I'm ready to go again on short
notice - Now, keep in mind that I am in Minnesota, on the Mississippi
river and 20 below is common. Dave Kvalsten

Thomas Klauber wrote:

> I put the boat up for the winter last weekend. Just a reminder to the
> rest. Don't forget to drain the block if appropriate. Seloc says to
> leave the foot horizontal in winter and the Clymer says to leave it
> down for winter. I usually have it up and then put it down. Now is the
> time to get out those winter boat projects so it will be ready to go
> in the spring. Get a manual to give you all the details on
> winterizing. It is quite complicated if done right. Of course I don't
> do all that stuff -maybe next year! Tom Klauber
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