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From: Mike Meadway <mmeadway@...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 16:48:24 -0700

Thomas --

    Thanks for the suggestions -- I've been a tad busy so I've not
replied (and I owe a couple of people pictures of the boat too -- I too
them, but haven't gotten them out of the camera yet). It appears that
the questionable floor is pretty much confined to the front part of the
deck, if I'm seeing what I think I am. There's no more water oozing;
I've had the whole boat under a cover in direct sunlight (yeah, we get
that in Seattle), and everything is a lot dryer. I lift it every
afternoon, though I'm not sure that's necessary since the transom is
missing the outdrive.

Regarding the hole in the bottom, it just so happens that this hull
happens to have a small one in the right spot. It will do a slow drip,
so I'm assuming there is in fact some water. I think your theory about
draining the foam might actually work, or at least I'm hoping it does.
I have to enlarge the hole to fix it anyway, so I'll see what dribbles
out when it gets expanded.

I'll keep you posted. Gotta finish this bloody software first...


Thomas Klauber wrote:

>When I started my floor several years ago I was like you, not sure of what I
>would find but wanted to investigate so I started at the front and started
>chasing rotten floor till I ended up removing the entire floor! I pulled out
>a pickup bed load of soggy foam before I was done. I would wait till the end
>of the boating season and begin the project which can not be rushed and
>takes time. You will find the total subfloor (below fiberglass covered
>plywood deck) filled with 2 part foam that is easily obtained today but
>takes practice to use as it expands and gets warm with curing. I found a lot
>of the plywood flooring rotted but structurally sound due to the rigidity
>provided by the foam and fiberglass floor. I removed flooring in as large of
>sheets as I could and used them as patterns to replace exactly as
>previous.The stringers had less rot than anticipated but they are encased in
>fiberglass which keeps out ( and in ) water. I built in new front stringer
>sections (about 1.5 foot)and you can do that very solidly as they don't
>show. I felt unable to come up with a better floor design on my own so I
>decided to replicate theirs. The construction is very basic and easy to
>replicate but take measurements and make drawings as you go. Do not trust
>your memory. You basically need a saw and something to scoop or drill the
>foam out.The foam usually would just pop out where waterlogged. The water
>weight was not as great as I had anticipated which is why I think you can
>wait till convenient.
>The water gets in places where it cannot "dry out". I would not even
>entertain that as an option however I more than once wondered if a drain
>plug at the lowest point of the hull would allow the hull foam to drip dry
>over several years but I never had the courage to drill a hole in the
>bottom! I hope this helps with some of your decisions. Whatever works! You
>can call me if you need more advice. TK, Marion,SC
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