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From: Jared Bourquin <jaredbourquin97@...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 16:18:16 -0700 (PDT)

Though I'd give you all an update on my 1966 Evinrude

It's finally coming together.

We pushed water through to the motor saturday
afternoon by taking the lower screen unit off the
stern and stuck a hose onto the 1/2 pickup tube. The
water flowed pretty good through the motor, but we
were still unable to pick up any water by just putting
the prop in the water. We started tearing the prop
apart and found the culprit. The impeller star was
completely worn down and one of the plastic blades had
broken off and was blocking half the opening where the
water was pushed up the unit. I ordered another one
and should have it together this weekend.

Found a flame arrestor on ebay for 20.00. What a
steal! Considering a new one is $90. It is an after
market K&N and works great.

My next big step is to resurface the flooring. I'm
going to tear up the rotted out plywood, replace it
and refiberglass it in order to water proof it again.
Some outdoor flooring will go down and look great.

Other than a few accessories we're ready for the

Any pointers?


Jared Bourquin

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