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From: Greg Van Vliet <gvanvliet@...>
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 10:21:12 -0700

I've got a Seloc manual for 1958 - 1972 Johnson/Evinrude 50hp - 125 hp
outboards that has the wiring diagram for the 1969 55hp. I took a digital
photo of the page last night and then tweaked it a bit on the computer to
get a decent black and white image. The diagram doesn't indicate all the
colors but it does show clearly where all the wires are connected to.
 Would you like me to email it to you at nebdlo@...?

I don't know if I already mentioned this but I recently bought an original
parts manual for my 1964 Johnson 90hp outboard. Combined with the Seloc
manual I've got everything I'll need to refurbish the motor next spring (it
doesn't look like it will need any parts at all, but maybe some gaskets if
I decide to rebuild some components.) I also just got hold of a 1968 85hp
Evinrude outboard from someone in my neighborhood for free. The powerhead
is cooked but it has the identical lower end to my 90hp. So now I've got a
spare lower end (including an almost-new prop) plus some matching ancillary
components and original bolts, nuts and washers. A bonus with the 85hp was
that it also came with an original Evinrude prop selection guide. I was
really happy to get this because I wanted to know where the prop that came
with my Johnson fit into the speed vs torque range.

One last item: Peter Bilecki - are you still on this list? Can you
definitively say that my 16ft Johnson Candian model is called a "Deluxe"?
 I thought that the only Jonson Deluxe models were the 17 footers as the
one pictured on the OMC boats home page.

Regards to all.
Greg Van Vliet

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im thinking of swaping out my points distibuter in my rouge 210 for an auto
hei. any thoughts? i know you should never swap auto for marine but it
seems sensible to me to up grade.
 also, would any one have wiring diagrams for a 69 evinrude 55 horse? mines
a mess. connections pulled and i dont know where they went to. so any help
on colors and such would be very appreciated.
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