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From: Mike Meadway <mmeadway@...>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 08:16:16 -0700

Joe --

    It sounds like you have a bit of work ahead of you! The transom on
the Sportsman inboard apparently wasn't load bearing, so it's pretty
thin. Fortunately, there was enough oil on everything in this boat to
prevent soaking of the wood -- you wouldn't believe how much crud there
is on everything. The only problem I've got now is that in order to put
a different stern drive on, the transom has to be reinforced. I'll be
interested to know how yours works out, since I have to reinforce mine.


joe sibilia wrote:

> Mike,
> I have a 64 Sweet Sixteen outboard that also has rot in the transom.
> I just purchased the Seacast composite to "pour" a new transom but
> have not yet completed the prep and set-up to do the job. I need to
> create a new inner skin as well as a form to support it all during the
> pour and cure. I'll let everyone know how the project turns out when
> completed.
> FYI, I found some very good information on the on the Glaspar G3
> owners club website
> ( They built their
> transoms in a similar fashion, a sandwich of 4 sheets of 3/8 in
> plywood (= 1.5 inches), not necessarily protected from the elements
> and subject to rot as water soaken in.
> Looks like you have lots of work in front of you. Good luck! Keep us
> posted.
> Joe
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