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Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 22:20:14 EST

There is definitely foam blown in between the floor and outer hull. The
Evinrude literature of the time makes a point of talking about it and claiming
that the boats were designed to keep six adults and gear afloat even if the hull
is penetrated.

And the foam can evidently get waterlogged. There was a series of pictures
posted to the list last year from a new member who documented his restoration
process, including ugly photos of the water damaged and crumbled foam he had to
contend with. I don't remember who it was, but presumably he's still getting
these emails and perhaps will wade in and relate his experiences and maybe
re-post the pix.

But this isn't automatically a problem. I've had my '64 Sweet 16 for going
on seven years now and the floor and hull are intact and uncompromised and I
have no reason to believe the foam has been damaged. No reason to believe it
hasn't been either, but the boat performs well, and if the foam is in fact
water damaged, I can live with it.

Good luck with yours. They're nice boats, very roomy and comfortable as long
as the water doesn't get too rough, and attract attention.

Mike Stevesand
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