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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 12:42:16 -0400

Hi everyone! Thanks Phil!

A quick look at the FTP archive shows that the latest file
has someone with the same trouble I've got. Coincidence?
That is, the spark plugs don't spark and the rest of the
system appears to check out okay.

I'm not much of a mechanic, rebuilt a 4 cylinder of a '69
Toyota when I was 20, and much lesser things, though.
The alternator fuse is intact and showing no resistance, so
does the voltage regulator on top of the motor (I/O type)
not that I think it could be a cause really. What I'm not
sure about at all is the positive/negative diodes (located
with the alternator fuse mounted onto the magneto flywheel

Since buying the 1966 90HP Evinrude back in '96 it never
seemed to get full power, until just a short time before the
engine stopped. Was always a bit sluggish to get to plane
on the water but sometimes it was better than other times,
which is how I could tell it wasn't completely right. I
blamed the contact points, although I set them best I could.

My best guess is it's the ignition coil. The book I have on
it suggests you might not realize it's bad. I don't have
the test equipment needed. It said that the low and high
ends of speed would be degraded if the coil were failing.

Thing is... where would I or anyone else get a replacement
coil? I see I can still get contacts/condensor at

Thanks and, thanks for the mailing list.

Bob H.
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