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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 14:31:51 -0400

Hey Paul,

Saw your email in the "archive" about having a V-4 90HP I/O.
Same here. Mind if I ask what boat it is? Mine's a '66
Evinrude Playmate, which I sent Phil pictures of and he put
them on the gallery web page (thanks once again Phil, looked
real good).

Sure hope you didn't replace that fuel tank and instead just
piped the gasoline out of the fuel pump :-)
About that overheating... (BTW, no fan on my engine! {as BOB
had mentioned}) ...wish I had suggestions. I suspect this
engine here has done some overheating before too. The
manifold paint is blistered anyway. Not sure how to check
the heat sensor and the light never comes on. If water
flows in and back out at a good rate that should be fine but
I can see where you might be going with the internal
blockages idea since every nook and cranny isn't easily
checked. Not too likely foreign object would be in there
but buildup of deposits is a definite possibility. Wonder
how a person goes about flushing the water system with
cleaner? My boat came with a garden-hose adapter for
out-of-water running so maybe a bottle attachment thing
would work fine.

I've had the stern drive footing off to check on everything
I could in there and found a loose bearing and the impeller
was worn but still okay enough I guess. Electric shift
mechanism OK. My first boat so that was a new experience.

Bob H.

You wrote about a month ago:

"Subject: Having some problems

Looking for any suggestions at this point.
I know I'm the oddball in the group having an Evinrude V-4
90hp I/O, but
maybe some of you have experienced similar problems.

I can only run for about 15 min or so on the water before
she overheats. I
have installed a new impellor, made sure the water p/u was
clear, checked
and even ran without the thermostat parts in the mid unit.
she is pumping water, and I connected a hose inline with the
line that runs
between the heads and ran for 20+ min without a problem.
I'm thinking of pulling the head covers and checking the
water passages

This boat sat for a number of years before I got it so i
thought there may
be some creepy crawly creatures in there, or some other
blockage. Beyond
that, all I can think of is that she knows when I get paid
and gives me
problems the day before :-)

The other thing, although not as severe, is that because of
sitting, the
fuel comming out of the tank is dark. Just a chemicle
reaction, or should
the tank be replaced?

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