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The 14 foot 9 inch Playmate was sold in 1965 and 1966 in grey and in 1967 and 1968 in white. The Johnson version of the Playmate was the Caprice. The Ski Lark was an outboard version.

Paul Tedder's 1967 Evinrude Playmate 14'

90 HP V-4 I/O w/ Johnson pushbutton shift outdrive; Boat Model # 312605S; Engine # DU-14D

These were taken last Sunday 5/6/2001. I bought this boat by accident last September and have only been able to take it out once. On her maiden voyage the motor overheated, then the starter went, leaving me and my 8 yr old daughter to paddle back to the launch. I also didn't trust the trailer for any serious hauling, so that's been it so far. The trailer you see in these is a newer one I bought on 4/28. I plan on using her throughout southern NH and the NH lakes region. I'm going to tinker on it this summer and maybe a complete restoration next winter. [added 5/8/2001]

Bob Hughes' 1966 Playmate "Corsair"

Saw the (rare) web page of Evinrude's and thought to myself, "I must send you an e-mail".

Bought my '66 Playmate "Corsair" in 1996 second-hand from the original owner. I was looking for my first boat and had to have it the moment I saw it. Seats, interior, as well as a canopy cover (original canopy is there under it and has seen better days but still intact) were redone sometime before I got it. There is wood-grained shelf paper (?) covering the word "Playmate" on both stern and dash, but the wooden glovebox is real wood. Newer fuel gauge but the rest looks original. Unfortunately I don't have a photo showing the push-button electric shifter.

Looks like the Playmate owned by Paul Tedder (wishing you good fortune Paul) is a close match to mine, however his doesn't have the windshield obviously. There was a ventilating piece missing from mine, it went below the glass to block or pass air apparently.

Engine is 90HP V-4 I/O #DU-13EE
Boat is 1966 14+' Model #312403R

Bob Hughes
near the Tennessee River in northern Alabama. [added 7/17/2001]

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Chris Upchurch's 1967 Evinrude Playmate

I am the proud owner of a 1967 14' 90HP Evinrude Playmate. I came across the boat one weekend last year in May while I was out with my family going to local tag sales. As I was headed for one that was in a garage on Thompson Lake in town, I saw a boat covered with a tattered nylon tarp and was looking at it the yard as I walked by. The guy who was having the tag sale told me it was for sale, but not his. He told me to go next door and ask about it there. To make a long story short... It belonged to their grandfather and had been sitting there since 1997 when he passed away, they diddn't want ny money for it just someone who would appreciate it the way that their grandpa had. So I eagerly obliged!!! Towed it home two weeks later, spent all summer getting running. I had to replace the starter solenoid, starter motor, gas tank, fuel pump & filter, and plugs. We took her on our first voyage over Labor Day weekend on East Brimfield Lake in Sturbridge and had a blast once I got the throttle working properly ( as you can tell by the ear to ear smile from my son). We brought it out around Bailey Island, Maine a few weeks later where I grew up because there's a lot more room on the water up there, so that I could see what the motor could really do. I can honestly say that this boat flies.

Also I would like to say Thank you for having a web site about these old beauties, because of this page I was able to find out alot of information about my boat while I was working on it.

Chris Upchurch
Palmer, Massachusetts

Motor is an OMC DU-14D serial # J0015707
Boat is Model # 312605S Serial # W127530

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[added 06/03/2006]

Sam Kamphoefner's 1965 Playmate

I bought a 1965 Evinrude Playmate from an old marine store near my home. I noticed the boat at the dealership a few years ago and after inquiring about it, I decided that it was too large of a project to get involved in. Recently, when I noticed the dealership was going out of business, I again asked about the boat and was told that that it was going to be junked like many of the other worn out boats there. Needless to say I could not let the boat get junked so I worked out a deal and brought it home. The engie is model # DU 12 ME and serial # J 00 1243. The engine and stern drive look to be in good shape. I have some experience with OMC electric shift stern drives and I am confident I can get the boat going. I have already ordered and received the shop manual from the Ken Cook Co ( thanks for the link Phil). By researching this site I have noticed that there is not a whole lot left of my original interior and I would like to restore this boat as complete and possible, even if it takes a long time. My next step is to order the owners manual from Ken Cook. This should give me a better idea about what the interior should be like along with the mooring cover and convertible top, etc. I have what I belive is the original mooring cover but it's in pretty poor shape and I need to stretch it out to make sure that's what it is. I look forward to using this site to find information and links.

Sam Kamphoefner, Holiday Shores, IL

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[added 2/25/2007]

Paul Devin's Playmate

Paul also has a Skilark.

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[added 03/07/2009]

first boat with a engine

I'm a father of two boys and could never afford to buy a boat. However I am a residential electrican and my friend owns a older house that needed a bit of work. So we worked out a deal a little barter you might say.

Owner: Adam Case
Boat Name: willsinksoon
Make: Evinrude
Model: 14' Playmate
Year: 1966
Engine: V-4 90HP
Location: Baldwinsville N.Y.
Model number: 312403r
Hull serial number: wi18773

[added 5/13/2012]

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