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The Johnson version of the Explorer was the Frontrunner.

Evinrude Explorer

Front Cockpit Evinrude. Sighted by Jim Whaley Feb 1999 [added 2/16/1999]

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Rickey B. Gaskin's 16' 1969 Evinrude Explorer

"I live in Manitowoc Wisconsin and I just bought this 1969 evinrude 16 ft. Explorer with the 155 hp V6 buick engine. It runs great and we use it to fish on lake Michigan . I got all the original paper work with the boat, it seems I am the 2nd owner of this wunderful boat. She still hits 40 mph." [added 4/21/2000]

Ethan Brodsky's 1970 Evinrude Explorer

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Hull serial number WI-35540 (model 0037010)
Trailer serial WI-21806 (Model 0907010)
Outdrive is marked "383544 120-155 hp" (part number only)
[added 08/06/2006]

Bill's 1970 Evinrude Explorer

I first saw an Explorer/Frontrunner when I was about 12 or so. I could never recall the name, just that the helm was all the way forward leaving a lot of open space to the rear. It stuck with me all these years. Probably 6-7 years ago I had described it to a boating buddy. Out of the blue Sept '08 he sent me a pic of an Explorer for sale in the Dallas Craigslist. I immediately went out and looked and it and brought it home. I've been doing a slow and informal restoration on her ever since. It's now Aug '08 and she's finally been in the water on a couple of shakedown cruises and is doing well.

Owner: Bill Larkie
Make: Evinrude
Model: 16' Explorer
Year: 1970
Engine: V-6 155HP
Location: Dallas, TX

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Pending it's first shakedown cruise
Pending it's first shakedown cruise
Post shakedown cruise
Boat ramp water was a bit skummy

[added 8/11/2009]

Bill's 1969 Evinrude Explorer

Owner: Bill Smith
Boat Name: Igloo
Make: Evinrude
Model: 16' Explorer
Year: 1969
Engine: V-6 155HP
Location: Frisco, Tx
Model number: 223506A
Hull serial number: WI-31635

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First time out
The Helm

[added 6/18/2014]
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