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Verify the tank is grounded correctly by touching the sending unit wire to the top of the tank and the fuel gauge should go to full. Next with the sending unit out of the tank hook up the sender wire, ground the sender and move the float up and check for proper gauge operation. Measure the inside depth of the tank at the sender hole and cutoff float rod so sender is 1/2" above the bottom of the tank in the full down position. Once the bottom limit is set, lift float rod up and verify you reach the up limit before float reaches the top of the tank. The float should operate laterally across the width of the boat not front to back. Remember this type of gauge is only marginally accurate so set it so the empty reading is accurate. Hope this info helps.
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I am restoring my 68 155 sportsman and have put in a new, modern fuel tank under the floor.  And the boat runs great, thank you.  I have installed a sender and the gauge reads very incorrectly (reads nothing and then halfway up on the sensor, the gauge spikes to full and stays there).  I have figured out that modern gauges have a different resistance rating (in ohms) that what they were using in 1968.  Does anybody know what the ohm spec was in the 1968 Sportsman? And do you think this is my problem or not?  And can I find a new, 8 inch tank depth sender with the correct resistance?
Ralph Erickson

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