[OMC-Boats] 1968 155 sportsman fuel gauge

From: Ralph Erickson via OMC-Boats <omc-boats@...>
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2016 17:16:43 -0500

I am restoring my 68 155 sportsman and have put in a new, modern fuel tank
under the floor. And the boat runs great, thank you. I have installed a
sender and the gauge reads very incorrectly (reads nothing and then halfway
up on the sensor, the gauge spikes to full and stays there). I have
figured out that modern gauges have a different resistance rating (in ohms)
that what they were using in 1968. Does anybody know what the ohm spec was
in the 1968 Sportsman? And do you think this is my problem or not? And can
I find a new, 8 inch tank depth sender with the correct resistance?
Ralph Erickson

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