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I have 2 Evinrude sportsman for sale in So. Calif.
1 - A 1964 Sportsman 90 with the original V-4 engine
2 - A 1967 Sportsman 155 with the original V-6 odd fire Buick engine
Both engines ran when parked about 6 years ago. Both include original
trailers in exceptional condition, so they can be towed anywhere. My wife has
made it abundantly clear that I have to get rid of these boats. I have
extra parts that need to go also. If you have any interest, or would like
mote details, please call me rather than sending emails or texts.
Skip Redman
(714) 403-4469
PS. A lot of people might be interested in just why my wife wants them
gone. I'm 75 years old now, and with failing vision it is unlikely that I
will be able to finish restoration, let alone be able to take either on out
on the water. In addition she would like the yard space for other things.

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