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Dive in and enjoy the ride. The boat parts are hard to find - the motor and
stern drive parts are easy to find (ebay) if you have patience and are on a
budget. There are dealers out there that can sell the motor and stern drive
parts but they are not cheap, but nothing is cheap labled MARINE. The old
parts are built to last but require TLC on your part but the ride is worth
it once you get it into running condition. Get a SELOC manual to start with.
Check out some basic things before you run it like make sure the oil is
clean (look for water in the oil) and check the stern drive for lube and
water contamination. Check that the water pumps are pumping water through
the system.The motor is basic V6 - nothing too complicated. Get used to
doing a lot of the maintainance yourself. If you are all thumbs then
consider getting something new down the street. Advantages are low taxes and
good old American iron. Disadvantages are age and general lack of mechanics
willing to do the work. You can rebuild or recover the seats with some
ingenuity or replace them. I would get the motor and sterndrive running
before I would get into things like seats and cosmetics. Check the wiring
especially in the motor compartment. Keep standing water out of the boat at
all times. They tend to hold water in the foam under the flooring. I have a
69 Sportsman that I am working on now and a 69 Rogue that is restored and is
a pleasure to run. Don't forget to drain the block in the winter. Your
patience and efforts will be rewarded. Good luck. Tom K.
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> Hello everyone. Just want to say how much I appreciate this forum. I am
> the new proud owner of a 1968 sportsman, with the v6 engine. It's on the
> matching factory trailer, and is in awesome condition. it has been setting
> for a couple of years. My question is, are their any particular things I
> should look for,?on a craft that has been setting awhile, to check, before
> I run and use this boat. I am currently still cleaning it up, and have
> located a man in my area that will redo the interior.Are the original
> seats rebuildable? And?is there a source for parts for this boat. Any info
> you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I plan on restoring the
> craft to original status, and using it as my family boat.
> ?
> Thank you.
> Doug Wilsman..?
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