[OMC-Boats] First Summer Run - Electrical Issue + Need Coupling/Key

From: Nexi <ohnoitsnexi@...>
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2010 20:12:13 -0700 (PDT)

67 Sportsman 120 So I finally got her ready for the water. Changed the spark plugs, oil, filter, and lube. The problem with fuel coming out of the carbs, apparently a stuck float, seems to have been solved by pouring SeaFoam directly into the fuel line and letting it soak inside the carbs for a few hours. Fired the engine up, got the good ol' puff of white smoke, and so far no more stuck float. So today we go to the lake for a test run before hitting the Atlantic. Of course, something has to go wrong. I put her in the water from the ramp and tie her up to the dock and so far so good. Now I start her up and she's running just fine for a good 5 minutes. Untie her from the dock and put her in reverse... she stalls out and is now completely dead. I've got no power to the dash whatsoever. I check the battery and connection is just fine so I resort to the tug test under the dash. After about 45 seconds of tugging and shifting I get power back and start her up. She's fine again for about 30 seconds and stalls out, once again completely dead with no power to the dash. I tug for 45 seconds and nothing so now I'm just sitting there getting frustrated. I let her sit for a couple of minutes and all of a sudden she's got power to the dash again. So I start her up and she stalls again within 30 seconds, once again completely dead. I give up and paddle to the ramp which is only 50 feet away at this point since I never actually made it anywhere. Now we get ready to
 load her onto the trailer..... So here comes the trailer down the ramp. First thing I need to do is lift the sterndrive out of the water. Wishful thinking.. all I hear is a winding noise but the sterndrive isn't moving an inch. Oh great.. something else broke! Of course I forgot my toolkit when I left the house so I couldn't undo the bolts on the tilt to lift the sterndrive out of the water. Long story short.. I get home pull the tile motor and notice that one of the coupling pieces is cracked in half and that little rectangular piece which I'm assuming is called a key is just laying in there. I just priced the coupling w/key set and I found it for $50+. That's a bit rich for my blood right now. I'm open to ideas/suggestions on both issues. So much for a fun day on the lake. Just my luck! =/
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