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You need to get a Seloc Manual to answer these and future questions. You
probably did not damage the pump impeller by running it but you are not
supposed to do that. You need a waterhose attachment to run the boat in your
yard. You can use a large can but that is a real pain but not as much a pain
as dragging it down to the water everytime you want to test it. I've been
there. The motor for that vintage would have been a Buick V6 although it is
officially a Kaiser Jeep V6 as Buick sold the motor tooling to jeep in the
60's during the muscle car build up and then bought it back in the 70's
during the gas crunch. That motor is the predecessor to the V6's in the
later Buicks. A good engine from what I read. You have stumbled onto a nice
boat that is well worth all the effort that it will take to get it running
and to keep it running. I am working on one of these myself. I also have 69
Rogue that is restored and a lot of fun. Get a mechanic to give it a look
over before starting it if you are itching to hear it run - otherwise take
your time and enjoy the trip. Tom K.
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> I don't know if I'm asking this in the right place but if it isn't maybe
> someone could give me a good link. First off, I am new to boating and have
> just purchased my first boat. "New" meaning I don't know a thing about
> boating and have only ridden on a boat once. I did work building
> fiberglass boats for three years but don't know anything about motors and
> general operations of a boat but do know where most things are located and
> what they are called. The boat I purchased is a 1969 (I think?) sportsman
> 155. The guy I bought it from didn't know the model but from looking on
> the web it looks just like the 69's and 70's paint scheme and hull but has
> the split windshield like the 69. I haven't had it in the water yet or
> even heard the engine run but supposedly it was last in the water in 2007.
> The guy I bought it from had just received it as a trade and said the
> people who traded it to him unhooked the fuel line and stuck the line in a
> jug of gas to show him it ran. The more I ha!
> ve been reading, I found out that could have damaged the water pump or
> impeller, right? He also said it has a Chevrolet V6 engine in it, is that
> the factory engine? The most important question I have is how can I safely
> try to start the engine? Can I just put the propeller and drive in a
> garbage can filled with water? Any help, advice, or pointers would be
> greatly appreciated my email is wesley.twilley@... . Thanks
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