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Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 02:43:11 -0500 (CDT)


I was an Electronics Tech in the Coast Guard for 10 years, so I know quite a bit about marine VHF AND LORAN...

As I explained earlier LORAN works in the 100 KHz range (HF) and the reciever is simply that (no transmitter), marine band radios are in the 157-162 MHz range (VHF) the TRANSCEIVER both recieves and transmits, so it is important that you have you antenna tuned properly (correct VSWR) or run the risk of burning up your transmitter....

If you are talking about trying to use a fiberglass HF antenna with your VHF radio...Sorry Dude, it just won't work. The LORAN antenna is just built to resonate in a different band of frequencies. Maybe some HAM guy out there has tried something like that with some sort of frequency coupling or home grown antenna rebuild, however I tend to think by the time you pulled something like that off you'd be better off to simply BUY the correct antenna in the first place. (unless you are really into antenna theory as a hobby)

If you are talking about reusing the MOUNT and installing a new inexpensive VHF antenna, that is a different story, please send pictures of what you have, or what you have already looked at and I'll try and point you in the right direction.


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Lets talk radios. Any of you guys know much about VHF radios? I've
discussed it with the guys on one of the boat forums, but they don't
tend to share the McGyver spirit we have on this list. So here's my
question... As we've discussed, when I got my boat, it had this
obsolete Loran system on it. I have no need for the Loran, but I would
like to get a VHF radio. So I understand that the Loran and the VHF
use different antenna's. But I like the location of the Loran antenna.
And it fold up nice. To replacate it with a VHF antenna would be
expensive. Is there any way to modify the Loran antenna to work with
the VHF? I'd really like to be able to.
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