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From: Justin DeSantis <duc1098desmo@...>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 08:09:13 -0400

Thanks for the info. I knew it was a long shot. Figured it was worth
asking though. I'll snap a picture of the mount today and shoot it out
to you. Thats really all I care about, is being able to reuse the

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 3:43 AM, BC Howk <bchowk@...> wrote:
> Justin,
> I was an Electronics Tech in the Coast Guard for 10 years, so I know quite a
> bit about marine VHF AND LORAN...
> As I explained earlier LORAN works in the 100 KHz range (HF) and the
> reciever is simply that (no transmitter), marine band radios are in the
> 157-162 MHz range (VHF) the TRANSCEIVER both recieves and transmits, so it
> is important that you have you antenna tuned properly (correct VSWR) or run
> the risk of burning up your transmitter....
> If you are talking about trying to use a fiberglass HF antenna with your VHF
> radio...Sorry Dude, it just won't work. The LORAN antenna is just built to
> resonate in a different band of frequencies. Maybe some HAM guy out there
> has tried something like that with some sort of frequency coupling or home
> grown antenna rebuild, however I tend to think by the time you pulled
> something like that off you'd be better off to simply BUY the correct
> antenna in the first place. (unless you are really into antenna theory as a
> hobby)
> If you are talking about reusing the MOUNT and installing a new inexpensive
> VHF antenna, that is a different story, please send pictures of what you
> have, or what you have already looked at and I'll try and point you in the
> right direction.
> Cheers,
> B.C.
> On Sep 24, 2009, Justin DeSantis <duc1098desmo@...> wrote:
> Lets talk radios. Any of you guys know much about VHF radios? I've
> discussed it with the guys on one of the boat forums, but they don't
> tend to share the McGyver spirit we have on this list. So here's my
> question... As we've discussed, when I got my boat, it had this
> obsolete Loran system on it. I have no need for the Loran, but I would
> like to get a VHF radio. So I understand that the Loran and the VHF
> use different antenna's. But I like the location of the Loran antenna.
> And it fold up nice. To replacate it with a VHF antenna would be
> expensive. Is there any way to modify the Loran antenna to work with
> the VHF? I'd really like to be able to.
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