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From: jd <jdood@...>
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 19:39:46 -0700

...speaking of carbs

ordered a new carb from flying fish - came in yesterday. Took it out
to bolt on and of course not quite the same fit. Although it's a
near perfect match with the old carb. Now I am trying to decide

A) modify to fit

B) return and hope they have something closer.

If I modify, here's the probs I'll have to solve. I don't appear to
have an orginal manifold. My has a #25506510 stamped on it which
isn't even close to what the diagrams say, but that's nothing new.
But the prob im having is the new carb has the same bolt pattern as
the old, that's good. but it's slightly thicker at it's base so now
the studs don't quite stick up far enough to get the nut on. And the
studs are from some plate someone has made somewhere along the line to
make it fit with this manifold. It's a series of plates and gaskets
to adapt to the smaller bold pattern. See my photos:





PROBLEM 1: So when I put the new carb on it hits the front two allen
lugs holding down the metal plate to the manifold. It's close enough
that I could modify to fit with a dremel though. But once i modify
it i'm stuck with it. And i don't wanna be stuck with it if I can't
solve these other two probs.....

PROBLEM 2: the throttle linkage on the new carb is WAY far away from
the end of the cable as you can see in the following photo. The
previous carb has an arm thing that reaches to it. New one doesn't
and old arm can't be retrofitted - i looked. So I'm thinking maybe
I could use those other two bolt holes on the manifold and make some
sort of bracket to go there instead? What are those there for?
Alternate bracket? But the new carb linkage is way ABOVE too. So
even if i get it further over, i still have to get it to reach way
up to meet the new carb - which I worry might interfere with the
doghouse cowling.

PROBLEM 3: the fuel inlet on the new is around the corner from the
previous location (see last photo). So I can rig up a bunch of home
depot brass fittings and elbos to make it connect, but im not crazy
about all that. Or I get a longer fuel hose - braided maybe? (BC?)
But it seems like i'm really gonna have a long wide curve to deal with
for any braided line to keep it from kinking. I've never used those
though - maybe kinking is not that big of an issue?

So I guess getting the linkage to connect is my biggest problem.
Anyone have a similar set up? Anyone have the same manifold?

I am tempted to send the carb back to swap with something closer, but
i don't get the feeling they have anything closer. Plus I'm out
return shipping.

The other option is maybe I go with whatever carb was SUPPOSED to go
with this manifold. Which is intriguing especially if I could go
with a holley or something and get a bit more performance.

Any solutions or ideas are welcome. I put my old carb back on and
will continue to limp out the rest of the season with it until i
figure out what to do with this one.

Thanks! Jeff D

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