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From: Lee Shuster <lks@...>
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 04:17:59 -0600

A couple of years ago we attempted to "deconstruct" the OMC serial
number system. We set up a spreadsheet that placed a handful of list
members boat's serial number within the model year range.
We simply don't have enough samples to drill-down into specific hulls
or engine types. Throw in Peterborough production (Canada) and it
gets even more confusing.

There are no know records. That information is pretty much lost. Also,
while I try to verify information from multiple sources, it may very
well be inaccurate.

Also keep in mind, that boats in particular often get registered and
titled in different years than when they were manufactured.

I can tell you that the OMC 17 hull was in production from 1962 thru
1966. Only a handful of 17's were built in 1962/63. A few V-6 17's may
have been built in late 1963 as 1964 MY.

Very few Duals were ever built. I do not know when OMC transistioned
from 480 to 488 to 490 on the two-stroke models but it was between

As far as telling about your seats, they were a dealer or owner
installed option. I would need to look at detailed pictures of the V-6
to know if it
  was re-powered with a "later" version., but I would guess probably

Hope this helps..


On Sep 18, 2009, at 11:47 PM, Kim Foster wrote:

> Lee/Phil/Anyone...
> Does anyone know what the total unit production numbers were for the
> following models?
> OMC Dual Deluxe 17
> Johnson Deluxe 17
> OMC Custom 17
> I see on your charts where to track VIN numbers for models, years
> and colors but I don't see any total unit production run numbers...
> Do they exist? I know they only made these models for 3-4 years...
> Is there anywhere that shows production unit numbers by year? I have
> a 1963 Dual Deluxe, how many that year were made? Have a 64 Johnson
> Deluxe with the v-6...can't find total production on that either...
> And I have a 63 OMC Custom. On the charts and in the brochures from
> your website, the Custom is only shown as a 480 but mine is a V-6...
> Do you know of any production V-6 Customs under OMC or am I correct
> assuming it is probably a repower? Also, the brochure shows the
> Custom only coming with 2 seats but mine has 5... Factory or retrofit?
> Thanks for any info...
> Jake
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