[OMC-Boats] Lets talk about anchoring...

From: Justin DeSantis <duc1098desmo@...>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 21:41:38 -0400

Ok, this isn't Johnson specific, but it is boat related, so I hope
it's ok to discuss. When I was younger, I didn't pay attention to how
things were supposed to be done. I just took my boat to the river and
played. If I wanted to anchor, I'd drop my anchor and when it hit the
bottom, I'd tie off. Now, I've read the "proper" way to anchor, and I
have to say, it doesn't seem practical. If I understand it correctly,
I drop anchor, then allow 10 times more slack than the depth of the
water? So if I drop anchor in say 20 feet of water, I need to have 200
feet of anchor line? That seems like a lot of excess for me to drift
on. I get the idea behind it, to keep the anchor line as horizontal as
possible, but it seems like it would allow me to drift quite a bit on
anchor. Not to mention how much line I have to keep on the boat. If I
want to anchor in 50 feet, I need 500 feet of line on board? And if I
want to use 2 anchors in 50 feet, I need 1000 feet of line? I'd need
to tow a row boat behind me just to keep my anchor line in. So what's
the deal with anchoring?
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