[OMC-Boats] Heads up -- How to Fry your Regulator

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Listen Up People!!

If Bill did NOT have a bad voltage regulator he does for sure now!

Never (ever) disconnect the battery cable(s) physically or with a switch with the alternator turning over. This nearly always causes a spike that fries the regular or worse damages the alternator. There are isolation/protection devices sold (probably diodes) that you can install to protect you alternator.regulator from this type of "misuse." this is well documented by the folks who sell "dual battery switching kits."

Sorry, we didn't get to you sooner on this issue Bill, hopefully other will pick up on this.

Bill when I first contacted Barsanco on your behalf, I thought they had the Prestolite regulator in stock? It's fundamentally a 'best practice' to consider the regulator/alternator an integral package, at least IMHO.


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That's what I was always taught. The exception being when demand is greater than alternator output at idle (which it can be on some cars, but highly unlikely on our boats unless you added a mess of accessories and had them all running). It sounds like you have a charging problem, but at least you're capable and on the (hopefully right) path. Good luck!

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Just a preliminary test this morning.... Having left the battery hooked up all night, the boat started right up. Just to see if it would run on it's own without a battery, I disconnected the battery and she died immediately.

Now unless something is different about the boat setup, if the alternator or regulator were doing their job, the boat should be able to run without the battery.....No?

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