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I woud recommend the Seloc manual for OMC Sterndrives, 1964-1986. Also, you can get a reprint original manul from Ken, pretty cool stuff. The original manual actually is helpful and full of info for general R&R.


Your basic principals are right for the drive, fill the lower gearcase from the fill/drain hole with Type C until it comes out the upper level hole. Now, you should take this opportunity to check the upper gearcase's oil which has three screws on the starboard side of the boat. The bottom one is your drain, so you can check there first. The second one is tucked up almost out of sight near the bottom of the drive cap, that is your level plug. The third screw is the fill plug on the top of the unit. Put oil in there until it comes out the second upper level plug.


Regarding oil changes, I haven't done it on this boat yet since I just got it, but usually it's a messy affair of trying to get the oil pan in without spilling. Others have used funnels and a hose going out the drain into the pan, some have installed a tee into the drain plug with a valve to attach hose to, while others have pumped out of the dipstick hole. I'm going to do it that way, out of the dipstick. Don't want my new carpet ruined!


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> Subject: [OMC-Boats] Maybe the dumbest question, ever....
> Ok, so the Surfer is my first I/O powered boat. Had a few outboards,
> but this is my first I/O. So I'm sitting here drinking my morning
> coffee, planning my day and searching around online to find a place
> that sells service manuals for 42 year old boats. I decide that maybe
> today I'll change all the fluids. Ok, so lower unit, no surprises
> there. Done that before. Even still have some Type C from my old
> Johnson 115 Hydroelectric shift days. Fill it up to the level hole,
> right? Ok, so engine oil. Now, I've changed oil on just about every
> type of engine there is. From heavy equipment to lawnmowers.
> Experience tells me that the oil pan and drain bolt on the Buick V8 in
> my Surfer are on the very bottom and probably going to be impossible
> to get to. So, how is it commonly done? That must seem like a silly
> question to you guys, but I'm really scratching my head here. All I
> can figure is that I have to pump the oil out through the dip stick
> hole.
> I really need to find a service manual for this thing. I'm mechanical
> and can really tackle any job, but I'm just not aware of the common
> stuff on this engine and outdrive. Like, what all systems have their
> own fluid and their capacities. Thanks guys.
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