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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 22:13:08 -0400

Thanks, everyone. Concensus seems to be I can get the lower unit off whilst
the upper remains attached to the boat, but the universal recommendation is
to pull the whole thing. I think it will come down to time and conditions,
but we'll see. I plan to take a closer look this w/e and will start the
real work plan then. I'll be sure to document everything...who knows, it
could be me that benefits from it in the future!

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> On Tue, 18 Aug 2009, Don Mandelas wrote:
>> How many of us on this list have themselves rebuilt the lower or upper
>> unit on their OMC Stern Drive?
> I've had mine removed and taken apart, but haven't really done much
> rebuilding work. I've separated the upper and lower unit, replaced the
> water pump, and replaced ball gears (on the upper unit and intermediate
> housing), along with some shims and seals in the process. I never opened
> up the lower unit, but I found the upper unit very easy to work on (having
> had no past experience with marine drives). The main challenge was that
> many bolts were corroded in place and required a bit of heat and hammering
> to get off.
> As for the questions about how best to work on it, the lower unit and
> upper unit can be separated while the drive is still in the boat. Put
> some blocks under the lower unit to support it, undo the bolts on the top
> of the outdrive, and the lower unit will slide right out. If it's badly
> corroded you might have to kick at it a bit, but mine actually fell on the
> ground immediately when the last bolt was removed because we hadn't
> supported it properly. You can then carefully slide the shifter wires out
> of the transom and down through the lower unit. Once that's out, you can
> remove the upper unit by undoing the bolts on the tilt caps. Installing
> it is the reverse - I installed the upper unit in the boat first and then
> bolted the lower unit to it. I'd generally recommend for any substantial
> work that it's better to remove it from the boat, bring it inside, and
> work on it on a bench in comfort.
> Ethan
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