[OMC-Boats] speedo and tach

From: jd <jdood@...>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 22:14:26 -0700

Well i spoke to soon when i bragged about my inexpensive only slightly
used speedo and tach I got off ebay. I had a funny feeling when i
typed that. Neither are working. But it's gotta be something
simple - they're both in great cosmetic shape and how much can really
go wrong with either.

For the speedo, can those pitot tube thingys that mount on the
transom get clogged? My is only 3 yrs old and has barely seen
water. I will unplug both ends and do a blow test i guess, but how
can i test the actual speedo gauge?

For the tach, from what i recall it was just a grey wire from the
engine and a ground wire connecting to the back of the gauge. There
was a dial for 4 6 8 and im sure i made sure it was on 6. but if i
got that on 8 or 4 would that make it just not work entirely, or
would it work but give false readings. The grey wire goes to the
coil. But if it was the coil not sending the right voltage down the
grey wire, I would notice other coil related probs wouldn't I?

thanks! Jeff D
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