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Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 07:53:33 -0700

 Hey Todd,


On the Port side of your drive there are two screws on the LOWER unit, one almost on the bottom of the skeg, and one ABOVE the cavitation plate. The bottom screw plug is the drain/fill plug, and the upper one is the oil level plug. to check the level, open the upper screw and see if any oil comes out. If it does, your level is good. To refill/top up, first remove the lower plug and insert the tube of oil, hose etc, then remove the top screw. Put oil in until you see oil come out the upper hole, then put the upper screw back in, then the lower.

The upper half of the stern drive has it's level screw on the starboard side, as well as the screw/dipstick on the very top of the drive. I don't have my manual handy to remember the exact procedure for the upper gearcase, but I'm sure someone on the list can help on this part.



Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 05:03:12 -0700
From: todddixon@...
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Subject: [OMC-Boats] fluids

Hopefully, someone can help me, not used to inboards quite yet, always dealt with outboards. Got a '67 reveler 155, can anyone tell me what fluids go where in the stern drive unit.

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