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I agree.  As a new Evinrude owner, I'm was pretty ignorant but having ordered an applicable service and parts manual, whole new vista's have opened up.  It makes a whole lot more sense now and is proving to not be that difficult to work on it.  Best money spent!!

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Don't want to sound like I'm preaching -- But you really ought invest in a OMC factory servive manual, a Clymer service manual or a Seloc service manual or better yet get all three!

Actual refill capacities vary by year and application, which is why it helps to have reference materials.

But the following come quickly to mind:

All 4-stroke engines have crankcase oil

All (2-stroke or 4-stroke) Stringer Sterndrives have:

Tilt Trunnion Bearings
Tilt Clutch gear case
Tilt Quadrant gear

Intermediate Housing
Upper gearcase
Lower gearcase

Swivel bearing
Steering actuator shaft

Lee Shuster

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Hopefully, someone can help me, not used to inboards quite yet, always dealt with outboards. Got a '67 reveler 155, can anyone tell me what fluids go where in the stern drive unit.


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