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Maybe I missed it in an earlier post....but I assume you have started it and run it to get it tuned right already even though you've not actually had it in the water?  I'd be doing all that stuff at home where I have all my tools.

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Date: Monday, June 15, 2009, 3:01 PM i don' have one,   but would like one.      I am mere days from launching and turning my key for the first time to see what happens.     but totally nervous about it.     so being that these are old boats,    it would be nice to know what other people do before turning the key for the first time at the beginning of the season.     a sort of check list in order of events.   tap the fuel filter glass first?   prime the carb with fuel first?   change the plugs?  I've had my boat out so few times,   don't have much of a clue on the official OMC starting procedure,   and often have started it after a mechanic or someone has already been messing with it a few days earlier.      Had heard somewhere about pumping the shift lever forward a few times to prime the engine.   But that could be totally wrong.      So anyone want to take a stab at making a little checklist?  I'll get it started with an easy

1) take boat to ramp

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