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I agree. My last AGM lasted about 8 years with no issues. Unless you've added a bunch of electrical load, any LA battery should be fine so I usually go with whatever is the best deal at the time. I keep one of those portable batteries in the bow just in case though (and in the car during the winter).


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  It should never be a problem with a properly operating OMC-Prestolite (OEM) alternator w/ the stock external regulator.

  I've used Optima Blue top batteries for five years now and report no problems with OMC-Prestolite regulation or recharging.

  If you want some extra peace of mind, I recommend using an on-board active battery desulphator.
  I wired mine onboard so it works with the Prestolite alternator, or when I hook up an external charger.

  Technically you might occasionally exceed the 14.1 vDC recommendation depending on operating conditions, but I don't think it will ever be a problem.

  Watch your existing ammeter (a feature no longer found on popular boats) and if you are really worried you could easily install a (less useful, IMHO) voltmeter to monitor battery charging conditions. I like the Voltminder, (but not for the concerns you raised.) I use it to monitor and alarm on voltage drops like when leaving the anchor light on all night.

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    I have a Sportsman 155 with a Buick V6 and would like to use an "Absorbed Glass Mat" battery. Any advise or warnings I should be aware of? I bought a dual purpose AGM battery with more CCA than the standard starting battery. It cost me $113.00 on sale, but I really like the higher reliability and 3 year warranty. I believe the maximum charge voltage for the battery is 14.1 volts and it should not be exceded. But I don't know what the voltage output of the alternator is.


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