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Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 11:30:20 -0500 (CDT)


Of course it is POSSIBLE for both solenoids to go bad together, I was an Electronics tech in the Coast Guard for 10 years so troubleshooting something like this is sort of second nature and I always try to zero in on the MOST likely and test.....

ASSUMING that the 70 seasport 155 has the same two solenoids like my 69 sportsman. the tilt mechanism works like this:

Each of the solenoids has 4 wires on it 2 smaller ones and 2 larger ones

The small ones are a ground (one on each solenoid) and either a blue or green wire that goes into the harness up to your switch (blue on one green on the other). If you are getting a clicking these are very LIKELY good....Just to be sure check the polarity i.e. make sure that the ground goes to the terminal marked for ground or negative....the blue or green wire should go to the small terminal that should be marked positive...

The large ones are a BATTERY positive connected to the starter (electrically this is the SAME as touching the Positive lead of you Battery).......The other large one goes to the Tilt motor and should have a LARGER GUAGE blue or green wire attached to it.....

When you click the switch you are completing a 12VDC circuit on the two little posts that engage an electromagnet inside the solenoid that moves a plunger essentially creating a DEAD SHORT from you positive battey terminal to you tilt motor.....

with your test light alligator clip connected to a good ground touch the test light to the BIG terminals. without engaging the tilt switch one should light up and the other should not. When you DO engage the switch they should both be "hot" (both of the big terminals should light up. If the light DOES light up when you engarge the solenoid then either you have a weak battery, bad connections to the tilt motor, or you got a defective motor.

I hope this make sense....please if you try this test and get results that seem unclear let me know and i will attempt to help.


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I have a 1970 Seasport 155, and have been following the Q&A regarding the tilt issues. I too have an problem with mine, where it will not come up using the tilt motor. I replaced the motor, shaft and hammer coupling as they were damaged, cleaned the worm drive, gear and replaced all the oil and still get a "click" from both solenoids. I put a test light on both posts of the solonoid, hit the switch - click and no light. Is it possible for both solenoids to be bad or am I missing something? Any help or words of wisdom will be appreciated..
Ron Mathewson

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