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Help please?


I have been following along with many of your comments, and you seem to be
quite familiar with Evinrude boats and OMC. Last summer I purchased a
beautiful 1969 Evinrude Sportsman with the OMC split-fire V6 (in my earlier
years I had two of these fabulous boats: 1966 120 hp Chevy II engine and a
1967 with the Buick V6).


My recent purchase has been in indoor storage for the last 17 years.
Appearance wise, it is close to new. Before taking delivery, I had the
outdrive completely gone through with new parts and seals by a professional,
but thus far, I have done nothing to the engine. The marine mechanic who
did the outdrive indicated he believes the boat engine is low hours,
although one cylinder had low compression (probably due to sitting). His
recommendation is to clean the gas tank, install a fuel filter, have the
carburetor rebuilt, change the oil, install new spark plugs + new battery,
and fire it up and see how she does.


My dilemma is I do not have any appreciation for being left "high and dry"
when something mechanical has problems: especially engines in boats, cars,
and airplanes. It is now getting to be boating season, and I want to get
her into the water.


One of my thoughts was to simply pull this engine out and replace it with a
newer V6 marine engine, but I want to make sure that I select the correct
engine..one that is complete and will bolt right in without any
modifications or complications. Thus far, I have not been able to locate
any information regarding anyone who has taken on a similar project.


Based on your obvious wisdom in this theater, I am hoping you can shed some
light on the subject.


J.F. Tucker


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